10th Anniversary of the D&I Short Course

The theme for the 10th annual D&I Short Course was, “Ready, $et, Sustain: Balancing Cost and Value Using Practical Implementation Methods” featuring guest faculty Dr. Greg Aarons and Dr. Lisa Saldana. The sessions included webinars, case study panels, and breakout groups involving interactive collaboration on over 30 participants’ abstracts. It was great to witness D&I knowledge being shared across states, countries, and continents.

The 2021 Short Course brought in over 450 registrants from 19 countries, 36 states, and a total of 30 CTSA (Clinical and Translational Science Award) organizations. The course was held over three days via Zoom. All speaker sessions have been recorded and are available on the D&I Launchpad YouTube channel. Session slides and resources are also available on our website.

The D&I Launchpad would like to thank our keynote speakers, panelists, breakout leaders, volunteers, and participants for a successful 2021 D&I Short Course. We are looking forward to 2022!

Testimonials from Course Participants

• Excellent course! Thank you, presenters! Thank you, D&I Launchpad. I hope that you offer more of these mini courses in the future.
• I think it was done so well. I appreciated the order of things, it was easy to stay engaged (e.g., a lecture followed by shorter lectures providing examples of applications, small group breakouts, and networking opportunities at the end). The links to resources through lectures was great! Small group interactions were fantastic.
• Thanks so much for a great discussion and thanks to the UW team for putting this together!
• So much great material presented!
• The speakers and people who shared their abstracts were very knowledgeable and passionate. All experts are also very open to helping early investigators.