6th Annual ‘We’re Off to a Good Start’ Black Men’s Health Event

Coming up on January 22, 2022 is the 6th Annual We’re Off to a Good Start Black Men’s Health Empowerment Movement event!

Sincere gratitude to and admiration for our friend and colleague, Mr. Aaron Perry, and his team at Madison’s Rebalanced-Life Wellness Association (RLWA) for spearheading this community-led conversation.

This FREE event is available to all desiring to learn more about Black men from Black men. It’s exciting to see Exact Sciences engaging with RLWA on the topic of colon cancer, a silent killer that’s taking far too many of our neighbors far too soon. Register Now!

To learn the latest about cancer health disparities efforts in diverse Wisconsin communities, please look to our UW Comprehensive Cancer Center colleagues in the Cancer Health Disparities Initiative led by Dr. Earlise Ward (brochure included here).

Event Flyer: 6th Annual Were Off to a Good Start Event Flier (PDF)