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Fundamentals of Clinical Trials - Online Training

These online training modules consist of recorded slide presentations prepared by David DeMets, PhD, Department of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. They are intended to provide an overview of the fundamentals of clinical trials and can be viewed at your own pace.

Note: You will need to have the Adobe Flash Player installed to view these modules.

Clinical Trials Basics

This training module provides a brief introduction on various aspects of clinical trials.

Basics part 1: Types of studies, study questions, outcome measurements and study population choices (32 minutes)
Basics part 2: Study design, conduct and data collection (33 minutes)
Basics part 3: Study monitoring and analysis (24 minutes)

Clinical Trials Advanced

This series of lectures covers similar topics as the basics course above, but explores each topic in greater detail.

Advanced lecture 1: Background and history of clinical trials (35 minutes)
Advanced lecture 2: What is a clinical trial and why bother? (40 minutes)
Advanced lecture 3: Exploring the questions, responses and population choices of clinical trials (50 minutes)
Advanced lecture 4: Clinical trial design (37 minutes)
Advanced lecture 5: Sample size estimation (52 minutes)
Advanced lecture 6: Trial monitoring for safety and benefit (61 minutes)
Advanced lecture 7: Issues in data analysis (34 minutes)
Advanced lecture 8: Trial reporting (20 minutes)

Study Design and Methodology
Type of resource: 
Online video/slide presentation
Short course/workshop/seminar
Delivery method: 
Distance ed (online/video conference)
Offered by ICTR