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Joseph Kemnitz, UW ICTR Assistant Director

Joseph Kemnitz, PhD, is the Assistant Director of the Translational Technologies Resources Core (TTRC) and a UW-Madison Professor of Physiology. In his role as TTRC director, Dr. Kemnitz oversees resources for investigators in several core laboratories that are linked to ICTR and serves as chair of the national CTSA Translational Science Key Function Committee.

Dr. Kemnitz works with ICTR investigators to guide them to appropriate services and resources to facilitate their research. Examples include routine or specialized hormone assays; fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) analysis and serological testing; and identification or development of animal models of human conditions.

Having served previously as director of the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC), Dr. Kemnitz has special expertise in the use of nonhuman primates in translational research. The WNPRC can assist investigators with their research by providing information and biological materials and by conducting studies for researchers who require a monkey model for their project.

Dr. Kemnitz’s own research has focused on nutrition, metabolism and aging, and on reproductive endocrinology and physiology. He is also principal investigator on NIH projects in informatics, such as the internet Primate Aging Database, the Aged Primate Tissue Bank and the Linking Animal Models to Human Disease Initiative, and Coordinated Information Services for primate Research.