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ICTR PhD in Clinical Investigation

The overall goal of the Graduate Program in Clinical Investigation (GPCI) is to prepare successful and productive clinical investigators who will sustain research careers in the area of patient-oriented clinical research. This degree program is designed for individuals interested in a research career in academia, industry, research institutes, health agencies, or regulatory agencies.

The plans of study and specific courses taken by students completing a Ph.D. degree typically vary based on student interest area(s) and prior experience. The PhD in Clinical Investigation has specified core course requirements and, as befits a research doctorate, a substantial curricular focus on learning to conduct research studies with the mentorship of a major professor. Students’ prior coursework and learning experiences will be considered in developing each student’s plan of study. Students must complete a PhD minor, under Graduate School requirements, with UW-Madison graduate course work.

PhD Learning Objectives, Curriculum and Application/Admission Guidelines (web view)

PhD Program Summary, Curriculum and Application/Admission Guidelines (PDF, updated Oct 2013)

For more information, please contact:
Sally Wedde, ICTR REC Education Administrator, at rec-educationathslc [dot] wisc [dot] edu.

Updated October 10, 2013

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