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Short Course in Clinical Research

The SMART series is designed to meet the specific needs of UW medical students participating in a summer research experience and replace the former Short Course in Clinical Research. The series is divided into six monthly sessions designed to provide "just-in-time" instruction that sets up students for a successful research experience. Programming covers topics such as: selecting a research mentor, writing an effective research proposal, and effective navigation of the IRB process.

Note: ICTR also offers an Advanced Short Course, designed specifically for fellows and junior investigators, annually in December.

The Short Course in Clinical Research specifically covers:

  • Research Proposal Development
  • Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Building Research Relationships
  • Human Subjects Protections and IRB
  • Scientific Writing & Publishing
  • Poster and PowerPoint Presentations

Select presentations from previous Short Course in Clinical Research offerings are available for online viewing via the SMPH video library.

For registration information or additional details about this course, please contact Sally Wedde, Education Programs Administrator at Rec-Educationathslc [dot] wisc [dot] edu.

Updated 4/16/2014

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Ethics and Regulations
Manuscript writing
Presentation / Teaching
Professionalism and Collaboration Skills
Project Management
Study Design and Methodology
Type of resource: 
Short course/workshop/seminar
Delivery method: 
Offered by ICTR
At UW Madison