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Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR)


The Imaging Sciences Center, housed within the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR) facility, constitutes the ICTR imaging services component. The ICTR imaging services component offers ICTR members, through the UW Department of Radiology, provides access to multi-modality diagnostic imaging technologies and expertise in image acquisition and analysis.
Imaging Consult Request

The first step is to complete the consult form, or contact Frank Korosec at (608) 265-5588 or FKorosecatwisc [dot] edu for a consultation regarding your research imaging needs through ICTR. Dr. Korosec will explain the research protocol review process, the benefits of a consultation, the timetable, the discounts available first through the Radiology Department research program, and then explain the process for obtaining the additional 30% ICTR discount.

With a verified ICTR membership, investigators will receive a 30% discount off the standard research imaging rates, following protocol review and approval by the Radiology Research Review Committee. The maximum ICTR discount per year per protocol is $6,000. More specific information and forms for requesting imaging consultation are available to ICTR members in a special members-only section of this web portal.

The following equipment and services are available in WIMR:
Clinical Modalities (these modalities are eligible for ICTR discounted rates)

  • a 64 slice CT scanner
  • a 1.5T MRI scanner
  • a 3T MRI scanner
  • multiple state-of-the-art ultrasound machines
  • a combined PET/CT scanner

Pre-Clinical Modalities (these modalities are NOT eligible for ICTR discounted rates)

  • a four-flat panel CT scanner
  • two x-ray angiography units
  • a 64 channel SQUID system for biomagnetism
  • a microCT scanner
  • a combined microPET/microCT scanner
  • a 4.7T small-bore MRI scanner

Additional Resources (these modalities are NOT eligible for ICTR discounted rates)

  • a cyclotron
  • a radio-chemistry laboratory for production of radio-pharmaceuticals
  • a He-3 polarizer (adjacent to the 1.5 T MRI scanner)
  • a C-13 polarizer (adjacent to the 4.7T small bore MRI scanner)
  • a data processing and analysis laboratory

If you are not already an ICTR member, click here to join: Membership Application.

If you are unsure about your ICTR membership status, please email dmsatmedicine [dot] wisc [dot] edu and someone will contact you promptly with that information.

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