All of Us Community Engagement Colleagues Highlighted

Two of our UW CCHE colleagues working with the UW All of Us Research Program were recently featured online and we’d also like to highlight them!

Lucretia Sullivan-Wade is a Community Outreach Specialist with All of Us and is the focus of a recent profile by Capital City Hues.

During the past year, Sullivan-Wade and other community outreach specialists have been visible at just about every community event and festival. And they have been trying to reach people at the grassroots level.

Ms. Sullivan-Wade lives in the community in which she works and is very protective of it. She believes in being a ‘first responder’ to the community and giving back.

What’s important to Sullivan-Wade is to develop a ‘what can we get out of it’ attitude rather than ‘what is in it for me.’ She is looking for a higher-order motivation for people being engaged in the project. It’s not about the cash, it’s about the community.

Read more about Ms. Sullivan-Wade and ‘Ensuring that Medical Research Benefits All of Us’. Part 2 coming soon!

Read part 2 here:

Kattia Jimenez is an Engagement Specialist with All of Us and is the feature of a staff spotlight by the UW School of Medicine and Public Health’s Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI).

Ms. Jimenez shares that her favorite part of her job is helping to develop relationships with members of the Dane County community.

As a representative of the All of Us Research Program, it’s important our team is able to both offer information about AoU and recognize that we represent the UW and we are building relationships that, if established and maintained, could last well after this research project concludes.

She describes some challenging parts of her job, too:

Two important challenges are: (1) building trust in community settings where it may be lacking—trust in the UW, trust in research and researchers. Many communities in which I and my colleagues work have not experienced the benefits of many research breakthroughs occurring here and elsewhere; they may have actually experienced harm from participating in research that was carried out without respecting community values and/or priorities; and (2) introducing the concept of precision medicine to individuals who may lack health literacy, health care access and/or a medical home.

Read more about Ms. Jimenez here.


Thank you to both Lucretia and Kattia for the important work they do so passionately for the All of Us Research Program and for being such exceptional representatives for UW-Madison!