All of Us-UW Milwaukee Team is the UMOS Sponsor of the Year

AoU UMOS award

Congratulations to the UW-Madison Milwaukee All of Us project team for being selected and honored on July 19, 2019 as the UMOS Sponsor of the Year!

This award is given to an organization that demonstrates excellence in community engagement and outreach. The organization and team is selected based on its work throughout the year that proves a genuine commitment to the community, institutes programs for the community with excellence, and the give backs to its community by partnering providing  ongoing support by working  with organizations in meaningful and reciprocal ways.

This award is a great honor; UMOS is a nationally recognized organization and this award will elevate the efforts of the entire All of Us efforts as a Wisconsin cohort locally, regionally and nationally. The Wisconsin AoU team has accomplished a great deal in less than one year of existence! They have worked tirelessly to ensure that the UW All of Us Research Program in Milwaukee is reflective of the UW’s Wisconsin Idea, and supports the needs of the community and it is an honor for the team to be acknowledged by the city’s community leaders.

Congratulations to all, keep up the incredible work!