Applications Open for 2024 Pilot Awards

ICTR has opened Requests for Application for AHEAD, CCOR, CHER and SPER pilot awards. Grants would begin as early as March 1, 2024. Applicants must submit a letter of intent by Oct. 20, 2023. Completed applications are due Dec. 4, 2023. Visit ICTR’s Funding Opportunities page for resources and more information on how to apply.

ICTR will also host an optional question and answer session on Oct. 2, 2023, at noon. Attendees should register in advance at this link.

Potential applicants are also encouraged to view informational video sessions about the pilot awards; those can be accessed via Canvas at this link.

Funding for the pilot awards is provided by the UW School of Medicine and Public Health from the Wisconsin Partnership Program, which supports research, education, and community engagement with the goal of improving health and advancing health equity among Wisconsinites.

Read more about the individual pilot awards:

The Advancing Health Equity and Diversity (AHEAD) pilot awards are a mechanism for University of Wisconsin-Madison postdoctoral scholars to conduct health equity research. The awards provide up to $10,000 for 12 months of direct support as well as training sessions to further the awardees’ career development. ICTR particularly encourages applications from scholars who embrace an interdisciplinary approach to research including genuine engagement of community partners and stakeholders.

The Clinical & Community Outcomes Research (CCOR) pilot awards support community-partnered health research. The awards provide up to $75,000 for 12 months of direct support. CCOR-funded projects should engage in community-partnered health research that addresses the translation of knowledge into improvements in clinical practice, community programs and health policy. This award may also support the development of interventions that require individual, organizational, or system behavior change.

The Collaborative Health Equity Research (CHER) pilot awards support early-stage investigators focused on health disparities and inequities to gain experience in clinical and translational research in support of future career development and acquisition of preliminary data for subsequent funding mechanisms. The awards provide up to $75,000 for 12 months of direct support. This award program prioritizes support for assistant professors who embrace an interdisciplinary approach to research. All applications must include a mentored junior-senior collaboration to connect the research team to relevant community partners and stakeholders.

The Stakeholder & Patient Engaged Research (SPER) pilot award supports community-partnered health research that will strengthen a competitive application for external funding for research requiring strong stakeholder engagement methodology as a foundation for a successful application. The awards provide up to $100,000 for 12 months of direct support. New or previously unsuccessful applicants to Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) funders are encouraged to apply.

All awards include a Collaboration Planning Workshop and an Intellectual Property Workshop through ICTR. The CCOR, CHER, and SPER awards also include a Design for Equitable Dissemination Workshop to help researchers identify potential adopters for proposed interventions.

Questions about AHEAD pilots may be directed to Amy Filut at Questions about CCOR, CHER and SPER pilots may be directed to Melinda Verdone at