Black Like Me Podcast – Dr. Zapata & Dr. Hartman

black like me podcast

Tune in to the recent episode of Dr. Alex Gee’s ‘Black Like Me’ podcast.

In season 5, episode 120 of the podcast, Dr. Gee discusses Dr. Jasmine Zapata’s involvement in the COVID-19 vaccine research at UW-Madison under the leadership of Dr. William Hartman. Their conversation highlights the importance and rarity of including African Americans in the research process. This important topic explains the mistrust of the Black community for health care services and the impact of COVID on African Americans.

Any listener will walk away from this episode having learned something. It’s not to be missed. Thanks to all, Drs. Gee, Hartman, and Zapata, for their honest and transparent conversation!

Black Like Me with Dr. Alex Gee is a podcast that invites you to experience the world through the perspective of one Black man, one conversation, one story, or even one rant at a time.

Learn more about this episode, ‘There’s No Vaccine For The Distrust Blacks Have For America’s Medical Experiments: Drs. Hartman & Zapata Seek To Win Trust As They Lead Vaccine Trials in WI’ on Dr. Alex Gee’s website and listen via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or YouTube.