“Breaking the Bias Habit” Professional Development Opportunities

CCHE would like to alert you to some diversity, equity and inclusion professional development opportunities available to the UW campus community.

These campus-wide offerings come recommended by our Associate Director, Angela Byars-Winston, PhD; they are hosted by the Women in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI).

The “Breaking the Bias Habit” workshop series introduces faculty and staff to the concepts of implicit or unconscious biases and assumptions about diverse groups of people by treating the application of such biases as a “habit,” with a focus on race, ethnicity, and gender. Participants will uncover their own biases, discover the underlying concepts and language used in the psychological and social psychological literature to describe such processes, participate in interactive discussions about the potential influence of implicit or unconscious bias in their department/unit, and learn evidence-based strategies for reducing the application of these biases.

The series consists of an introductory module, “An Introduction to Implicit Bias” and is supplemented by two additional modules: “Implicit Bias in Teaching,” and “Implicit Bias in Interactions/Microaggressions.”

Upcoming campus-wide sessions:

See more sessions into December here.

Please share with your colleagues and trainees! Campus-wide training opportunities are available or departments/units can have personal workshops as part of a ‘retreat.’