Budget Development Guidance

There are many costs to consider when developing a budget for clinical research. The goal of budget development is to fully reimburse costs associated with conducting a clinical research study. The information below includes some standard items to consider when developing a budget. This is a guidance document. The examples given do not apply to every clinical research project, nor is the list entirely comprehensive. There may be other costs to be considered on a study by study basis.

Updated 10/19/2022

File: Budget-Development-Guidance_10.19.22.pdf

Suggested Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

In compliance with ICH Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and FDA expectations, research studies should be conducted uniformly, according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The list below is to be used as guidance; research teams are not required to have each of the SOPs suggested below, but rather should develop a customized set to meet their program specific needs. Research teams may need to develop additional SOPs related to specific research specialties or subject populations (e.g. Phase I dose escalation studies, enrollment of minors or vulnerable populations, evaluation of capacity to consent, significant risk procedures, etc.)

ICTR Clinical Research Manual: A Guide to Conducting Clinical Research within UW-Madison

The purpose of this manual is to build on human subjects protection principles and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards, while describing how to apply these regulations and standards to the day-to-day conduct of clinical research studies at UW-Madison.

This manual is intended to accompany and complement the UW-Madison online course, Basics of Conducting Clinical Research at UW-Madison, and to serve as a resource and reference for our research staff. This manual has been written both as an introduction to those who are new to clinical research at UW-Madison, and as a refresher for more experienced clinical research staff.

The content in this manual is geared toward research staff who conduct clinical research studies within the UW Health environment, however, the majority of content will be applicable to clinical research involving human subjects in all types of settings.

File: ClinicalResearchManual_2018.05.31.pdf