2023 Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) RFA

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The D&I award program supports research that addresses how to best ensure that evidence-based or evidence-informed strategies/ interventions/programs are effectively delivered in clinical and community health practice settings and impact policy. The successful grantee will use the results of this award to seek further extramural peer-reviewed funding for the research

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Spotlight: Reducing Hypertension in Young Adults

Physician using a stethescope to examine a a patient..

Research Dissemination to the Community | Heather Johnson

Goal: Young adults with hypertension are less likely to be diagnosed or treated compared to other age groups. Johnson’s MyHEART (My Hypertension Education And Reaching Target) program is an intervention for young adults to help them live healthier lives, lower their blood pressure and prevent heart disease

ICTR Support: In adddition to receiving a Dissemination Supplement Award and D&I consultations, she collaborated with the CARDS® group from the Wisconsin Network for Research Support and the Health Innovation program, both affiliates of the  Community Academic Partnerships core.

Outcome: A new MyHEART (My Hypertension Education And Reaching Target) website for young adults with hypertension was developed and launched in early 2017. In addition, Johnson is disseminating an online toolkit for use by healthcare providers, community outreach workers/volunteers, and health organizations. The toolkit explains the MyHeart website and provides customizable brochures and social media communication drafts.

Johnson HM, et al. MyHEART: A Non Randomized Feasibility Study of a Young Adult Hypertension Intervention. J Hypertens Manag. 2016;2(2). pii: 016.

Spotlight: Community Based Falls Prevention Programs

Elderly man using a walker.

Community-Engaged Research | Jane Mahoney

Goal: As falls are a significant source of morbidity and mortality for older adults, there was a need for effective, community-based falls prevention programs for community-dwelling older adults.

ICTR Support: D&I Pilot award, CAP consultations

Outcome: An evidence-based program to prevent falls was implemented in 19 states across the country, reducing the risk of falls by 31% in over 7,000 elderly adults. This program is being adapted to address culturally diverse populations.

Mahoney JE. “Stepping on:” stepping over the chasm from research to practice. Frontiers in Public Health. 2014;2:148.