Community Engagement

All of Us
Dr. Fatou Jallow shares about All of Us science research at the Mendota Elementary School Block Party in August 2018

The overarching goal of CCHE is to forge lasting partnerships between communities and the University of Wisconsin to advance health equity.  CCHE sees itself as a resource to create and sustain these partnerships.  We have worked in tribal, refugee, and diverse racial and ethnic minority communities, from urban Milwaukee to rural communities in northern Wisconsin.

Our aim is to ensure that community needs are understood and addressed while UW resources, including technical knowledge and innovations to address health inequities, are shared and being put to work in communities across the state.  Our community-academic partnerships have resulted in collaborative teaching, student service learning opportunities, research to address a specific community need, and programs to advance the health of underserved communities.

In CCHE, community-engaged projects…

  • are initiated in partnership with a community;
  • ensure the community has a voice in the design of the project, its implementation in the community, and the dissemination of the project results;
  • value and engage the knowledge, experiences, strengths and resources within a community;
  • rely upon partnerships that balance power, responsibilities, and share resources among all partners;
  • prioritize that all partners gain valuable and transferable benefits (e.g. knowledge, new skill sets, resources/technologies that can be used in the community, economic development/jobs, etc.)
  • are designed to take action and improve health and wellness in your community

Native Health

NACHP logoThe UW Native American Center for Health Professions (NACHP) was established within CCHE in December 2012 by Founding Director Erik Brodt, MD, to grow the number of Native American health professionals. The Center is now led by Danielle Yancey and is housed under SMPH Academic Affairs. The NACHP vision is to improve the health and wellness of American Indian people.

See the Opioid Abuse and Viral Infections highlight for a tangible example of our ongoing research partnership building with NACHP.

Learn more about NACHP on their website.