Get Involved with CCHE

Our team members operate in a variety of settings, often serving as liaisons within and between groups who are doing amazing work. We are regularly asked how campus resources and expertise can be accessed to advance community programming and priorities.

In an effort to extend our community-academic partnership building capacity, we are inviting you to assist us with identifying and matching on- and off-campus partners as possible.

Our goal is to make it easier for faculty, staff, members of student organizations and others on campus to contribute their expertise via volunteer service and/or providing education/training that is aligned with the goals and priorities of our community partners. Long term, we envision a registry intended to assist us with amplifying the translation of health information to community via accessible, culturally appropriate targeted techniques. This effort is being led by our Senior Community Outreach Coordinator, Tyson Jackson, who is currently working with numerous Dane County-based organizations.

We have two pathways below: one is for those who want to volunteer service, but need help finding opportunities to do this. The other is for those interested in providing a community presentation or engaging in a community conversation about a topic.  Each route will take you to a brief survey intended to assist us with assisting you!

Volunteer in the Community

Community organizations we work with are often hosting events and looking for volunteers to assist. This could be a one-time thing or an ongoing opportunity. We believe it is important to demonstrate that you care before others care what you know.

Are you ready to build relationships with Madison community leaders?

I want to get involved

Share Health Info and/or Education in the Community

We have opportunities to connect academic partners with diverse community partners for presentations and discussions geared to community audiences. This could be a one-time offering or an ongoing opportunity.

Do you have expertise in a specific field or on a health/wellness issue that you’re interested in sharing with community audiences?

I want to get involved


I have worked with the CCHE for the past year, and they have been an excellent resource for my work in community outreach. They have provided thoughtful suggestions for partnerships and continued support throughout my time working with them. I am grateful for the CCHE!

-Grace Blitzer, MD
Department of Human Oncology, UW SMPH


Our involvement with CCHE has continuously opened doors, and provided the connections to the communities we were missing when we first began recruitment for our study. From facilitating meetings with members of different community organizations, and sitting down (virtually) and providing constructive and actionable feedback regarding recruitment efforts and strategies, the CCHE Team has provided invaluable knowledge and learning opportunities for our team to grow as individuals and health researchers.

-Voils Research Team, Partner2Lose
PI: Corrine Voils, PhD