Changes Regarding Costs for Clinical Research Unit Nursing Services Take Effect July 1

As previously shared in an announcement posted in December 2022 on the ICTR website, ICTR has been able to provide Clinical Research Unit (CRU) nursing and dietary services at no cost for non-industry studies. This support has largely been provided by the Clinical Research Center (CRC) grant. With expiration of the CRC mechanism, CRUs across the United States have adopted fee recovery mechanisms.

For the CRU to be sustainable, investigator-initiated studies will be asked to pay for CRU nursing services starting July 1 of this year (July 1, 2024). Other CRUs around the country implemented such a change many years ago.

Please take note of the following information: 

  • Studies activated prior to July 1, 2024, will continue to receive CRU nursing services at no cost until their grant cycle is renewed.

ALL of the following criteria must be met for a study to be considered “activated” prior to July 1, 2024:

    • CRU consult meeting has been completed.
    • CRU application has been submitted (approximately 1 month after the CRU consult meeting–or later).
    • Just-in-time (JIT) letter has been submitted to CRU for Federally-funded studies–or Notice of Award (specific to study funding) has been submitted to CRU for other non-industry funded studies (e.g., private or department funded).
  • Studies activated on or after July 1, 2024, will have CRU nursing charges charged to the study account similarly to how charges for ancillary services (e.g., UWH labs, UWH ECGs) are charged to the study account.
  • Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis as approved by ICTR leadership when the study application is submitted for CRU services (such as for studies with a career development, K or Pilot award, or other extenuating circumstances).

We appreciate your understanding as we shift towards a more sustainable model for research.

Questions may be directed to Tammy Kiger, MSN, RN (Nurse Manager, Clinical Research Unit) at