Community Guidelines for Engaging with Researchers and Evaluators

CCHE would like to share a community resource recently brought to our attention by Ms. Evelyn Cruz, the Director for Program Development and Evaluation at Centro Hispano in Madison, Wisconsin, and Dr. Lori Bakken, a Professor in the Civil Society and Community Studies department and Evaluation Specialist for the Division of Extension at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Community Guidelines for Engaging with Researchers and Evaluators’ is designed with the community organization as the end user. It’s straightforward, user-friendly, and we’re especially proud that it includes a sample of the CCHE Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) template we use to advance community-academic research partnerships, too!

The origins and purpose of this resource are nicely outlined by Ms. Cruz and Dr. Bakken within the Guidelines. We thank them for producing and sharing this product and we encourage broad dissemination.

The authors plan to continue to collect comments and suggestions on the Guidelines and will periodically modify the Guidelines to meet the needs of community organizations and agencies. They can be reached at and