Community-Led Messaging & C3Wisconsin

The Communities Confronting COVID-19 (C3) effort is continuing their work to increase vaccine uptake in Southwestern Wisconsin. This project is funded by a CDC award to the UW Prevention Research Center (UWPRC) (PI: Dr. Elizabeth Cox) and is led by Dr. Susan Passmore of CCHE.

The team is a part of the CDC’s national COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Network to build trust and promote vaccine confidence among families with the goal of identifying key behavioral insights that will inform effective solutions to increase confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines, and ultimately uptake.

This fall, the project team started rolling out their Public Service Announcement ads on social media.

You can follow their social pages to stay up to date on their activities:

The project team is collaborating with partners with considerable relationships and reach in the rural communities, including Southwestern Wisconsin Community Action Project, a key member of the UWPRC Community Advisory Board. Learn more about these partnerships here.

This project reflects CCHE’s continued interest in amplifying community-led messaging and echoes what we heard from another research team during our April 2021 webinar, ‘Leveraging Social Networks: The Role of Community Influencers!’ Learn more about the work of Dr. Carey Gleason, Dr. Maria Mora Pinzon, Melissa Metoxen and their team here.

The C3 project builds on work supported by a 2021 ICTR Clinical and Community Outcomes Research pilot award to Dr. Passmore and an ICTR-WPP COVID Response Award to Dr. Deb Ehrenthal.