Comparing ICTR OnCore vs ICTR REDCap

Comparison of OnCore and REDCap for UW-Madison researchers OnCore REDCap
Can be used for any study, regardless of size and complexity Can be used for studies of all sizes, but is best suited for studies that meet the OnCore study and subject entry requirements Can be used for studies of all sizes that Do NOT meet the OnCore study and subject entry requirements
Can be used for studies with subject identifiable information (e.g. PHI) Yes Yes
Provides budget development features (e.g. procedure costs, invoicing, assistance with budget reconciliation, etc.) Yes No
Can be used as an overall study management tool Yes Limited
Data can be exported by the user Yes Yes
Software programs that data can be exported to MS Excel, SAS SPSS, SAS, Stat, R
Data can be imported from external sources No Yes
Secure web connection with authentication and data logging Yes Yes
Multi-site access to allow staff from multiple sites and institutions to access and enter study data Yes Yes
Forms can be built or updated by users No. Only the ICTR OnCore support staff can create or revise eCRFs Yes. The user is responsible for building and maintaining the eCRFs
Forms allow use of branching logic Yes Yes
Forms allow users to build data field limitations (notifying users if they have entered data outside the min/max expected values) Yes Yes
Forms allow use of calculated fields No Yes
Files and Documented can be uploaded to support data entered Yes Yes
Can be used to collect survey data No Yes
Existing forms that can be modified to fit the study criteria Yes Few
Standard reports (informed consent log, subject ineligibility analysis, NIH Annual Progress Report (APR) Enrollment Report – PHS 398/2590 Inclusion Enrollment Report, etc.) Yes No
Cost OnCore data management costs vary study by study. Request OnCore eCRF Form Development estimate $200 annual fee for each project put into production. Click here for more information.
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