Clinical Research Unit Scope of Services

The CRU is a UW Hospitals & Clinics unit, therefore all subjects seen on the CRU are required to have a Medical Record (MR) number (U Connect site link). The following are included in the electronic medical record: the CRU inpatient admission or outpatient visit; nursing and physician notes, orders, etc.; UWHC Laboratory results; and procedures conducted during the CRU stay. Results of procedures are entered as applicable.

The CRU handles all phases of clinical trials, and welcomes complex studies that may require Joint Commission certification and the ability to call an emergency code. Other resources include:

  • Cardiac monitoring
  • Isolation room with negative air flow
  • Sample processing for specimen collection, processing, and temporary storage
  • Clinical Research Dietitian services, including dietary assessments (fees may apply)

While the trained research staff provides expertise in data gathering and high-quality patient or volunteer care, investigators are responsible for:

  • Study coordination of their protocols
  • Maintaining UW hospital privileges (MD, PA, NP)
  • Obtaining MD coverage for their CRU subjects, as well as MD rounding for inpatients
  • Securing HealthLink access for UW Hospital Electronic Medical Records
  • Generating a budget and study registration through ICTR (or UWCCC, if applicable) OnCore software
  • Making CRU reservations