Data Management Tools

ICTR-supported research software tools include the clinical trial management software, OnCore, and the research electronic data capture system, REDCap.

Check out a detailed comparison of the OnCore vs. REDCap tools, here.



  • ICTR OnCore is required for therapeutic intervention studies and studies that use UW Health clinical services, but optional for researchers to use for any type of clinical research study, except those managed by the UW Carbone Cancer Center as they manage a separate instance of OnCore
  • ICTR OnCore may also be required for studies utilizing the ICTR Data Monitoring Committee and ICTR Study Monitoring Service
  • The use of the ICTR OnCore system is available at no cost to research teams, however the use of the optional ICTR OnCore data management functionality is available on a fee-for service basis resulting in data collection and electronic capture forms customized for your study. In addition to the assistance provided by the ICTR OnCore Support team to develop your customized data collection forms, the use of the ICTR OnCore data entry and management functionality provides consistent and efficient study, subject, and data management through the use of one software tool. It is highly recommended that studies that meet the OnCore protocol entry requirements use OnCore as their data management tool as well.


  • ICTR REDCap is not required for any type of clinical research study, but is recommended in lieu of a typical spreadsheet, database software or data management application to manage your research study data due to the additional levels of security, audit trails, reporting and exporting functionality it offers.
  • ICTR REDCap may also be used for studies under the purview of the ICTR Data Monitoring Committee and ICTR Study Monitoring Service
  • With ICTR REDCap, members of your study team with data management skills can build and revise the electronic data collection tools (e.g. forms, surveys, etc.).
  • ICTR REDCap is available at a minimal cost of $200 per REDCap project per year. The REDCap fees will be charged when the project initially goes into production, and annually thereafter.