D&I Implementation Support

Evidence to Implementation

The purpose of the E2I award is to expedite dissemination of evidence based practices, interventions, and innovations to appropriate end-users using the D&I Launchpad Program. These include self-management or other health promotion workshops and interventions, and health services innovations that improve delivery of care in the health care or community setting.

This award supports the creation of a Launchpad Package to support the dissemination and implementation of the evidence-based intervention or innovation. The elements of the Launchpad Package will be unique to each project, but may include a business plan – value proposition, marketing, sales, financials, intellectual property review, and the necessary tools and materials to support it.

The E2I Award Program was launched in 2018 with two awardees, and expanded in 2020 to three awards. The E2I application process is unique in that finalists work closely with the D&I Launchpad to co-create a robust final application, which is then subject to a competitive outside review.

Our D&I Launchpad team is very excited to work with this years awardees representing three innovative programs. These programs have incredible potential to make a significant impact on the health of Wisconsin and beyond. The Launchpad team’s expertise will help with the future growth and sustainability of these programs.

Jane Mahoney
Director of the D & I Launchpad

E2I Testimonial - Tai Chi Prime

Tai Chi Prime is a six-week evidence-based class series which has been proven to reduce the risk of falling. Classes feature instruction in tai chi and qi gong basics, home practice coaching, DVDs for home practice, and exercises to embed into activities of daily living.

Betty Chewning is the PI for Tai Chi Prime, and was awarded the Evidence to Implementation (E2I) grant in 2018. Watch this 4-minute video to learn more about E2I and how the D&I Launchpad is able to help UW researchers launch their innovation to market.