2022 Translational Basic and Clinical Research Pilot Award Application Forms

Uploaded 9/29/2022
These awards address translational basic discovery activities (biological, social, behavioral mechanisms that underlie disease); development of biomarkers, target and lead molecules, and devices (mechanical, computational); preclinical and animal models; and translation of discovery to patients (new diagnostic, treatment, and prevention methods; Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials).

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2022 Novel Methods RFA

RFA Uploaded 092922
The goal of this RFA is to support innovative processes and methods to advance translation across the research spectrum. The proposed method should NOT be solely project-specific; successful methods will be generalizable to other projects. Methods also must be truly novel, but not novel applications of existing methods. Applicants will choose one of three tracks (Learning Health Systems, Health Disparities Methods, Pre-Clinical Novel Methods) to submit their grant proposal. We will fund at least one award per track, provided the applications are scientifically meritorious.

File: NTM-RFA-9.13.22.doc