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Engaging Diverse Communities in Research

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Engaging Diverse Communities in Research

DRAFT2-Health Equity Resource Library

Our vision is to provide resources to those who conduct community-based and inclusive research to help them develop, test, disseminate, implement, and sustain health interventions that enhance health and reduce health disparities in collaboration with community partners.

These tools are designed to help you think about inclusive health research, and whether your research question has the potential to improve or perpetuate disparities. These resources are helpful for people who are just starting their research to think about the equity implications of their work.

New researchers may assume the way to do research is to first do it with predominantly English-speaking patients. However, there are equity-centered approaches that can be used to ensure people from historically underrepresented populations are included in research and conversations from the beginning.

The resources on this page provide support for how to do research that incorporates health equity and dissemination and implementation (D&I) science. Within each category below, there are practical tools and keys articles to support you in doing this research.

This resource is made possible with the support of the Wisconsin Partnership Program of the UW School of Medicine & Public Health, and the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.



  • Translation Planning Tool. The tool is to aid translation planning, which emphasizes adoption, implementation, and scalability of interventions. Researchers can add to and edit the planning document over time as they learn more about translation of the intervention/innovation. Note: if research relates to dissemination only, refer to Dissemination Planning Tool  (below).
  • Dissemination Planning Tool.  This tool helps investigators plan for dissemination of their research findings and information to community, practice, and academic audiences, organizations and individuals who can use the information. It is applicable to all phases of research to help plan for dissemination.

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