Evaluation & Tracking

The ICTR Evaluation & Tracking Team promotes implementation and evaluation of the UW ICTR Strategic Plan via collection and analysis of data related to infrastructure development for clinical and translational research at UW. Our team uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to support decision-making and continuous improvement efforts. We also track outcomes across the institute to better understand ICTR impact on the institution, best practices for improving the local clinical and translational research workforce, and effective approaches to improving healthcare in Wisconsin.

We operate at three levels: 1) supporting ICTR programs and teams in the design and implementation of evaluation initiatives; 2) designing and coordinating evaluation efforts at the Institute level, including coordinating implementation of the NCATS Common Metrics; and 3) collaborating with the national CTSA consortium on evaluation initiatives.

Evaluation & Tracking Team

Shannon Casey

Position title: Director, Program Evaluation & Research

Email: shannon.casey@wisc.edu

Jeff Condit

Position title: Grants and Research Compliance Specialist, Evaluation & Tracking

Email: jcondit@wisc.edu

David Surber

Position title: Research Data Coordinator, Evaluation & Tracking

Email: dsurber@wisc.edu

Grace Zhang

Position title: Data Manager, Evaluation & Tracking

Email: twu4@wisc.edu