Five Receive ICTR TL1 Training Awards

Photos of the newly announced TL1 trainees
From left to right: Uma R. Chatterjee, Kellie Collins, Aggie Laboe, Tyler Wolter and Leah Gober

Four University of Wisconsin–Madison predoctoral students and one postdoctoral researcher have received ICTR’s TL1 Training Awards, which provide support for promising researchers interested in clinical and translational science. They will begin their traineeships over the summer.

The awards are a National Institutes of Health/ National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences-funded initiative through the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) program.

The predoctoral trainees come from the College of Letters and Science, School of Medicine and Public Health, School of Pharmacy, and School of Veterinary Medicine. They will participate in mentor meetings and attend monthly writing workshops. The awards also include a stipend, health insurance, tuition assistance, and a travel allowance. Read more about the 2024 predoctoral cohort:

Uma R. Chatterjee, MS, MHPS, is a PhD student in the Neuroscience Training Program. Her TL1 project will work to characterize the region-specific roles of candidate risk genes in the pathophysiology of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Kellie Collins, DPT, is a PhD student in the Graduate Program for Clinical Investigation. Her TL1 Project will explore Early Corticospinal Tract Development and Motor Participation in Infants with Perinatal Brain Injury.

Aggie Laboe is a PhD student in Clinical Psychology. Her TL1 project will explore a Human-Centered Design of a Therapeutic Session for Discussing Expected Body Weights in Eating Disorder treatment.

Tyler Wolter is a PhD student in Pharmaceutical Sciences. His TL1 Project will investigate In-situ CAR-Macrophage Engineering for Enhanced Efficacy Against Post-Surgical GBM Recurrence.

The postdoctoral program supports researchers with professional doctoral degrees. Two years of funding and training support are provided by NIH/NCATS. The fellows meet with one of the program’s co-directors throughout the year. Read more about the 2024 postdoctoral fellow:

Leah Gober, MD, is a vascular surgery resident in the department of surgery. Her TL1 research will investigate noninvasive assessments of mechanical properties using 4D flow MRI in a swine model of aortic coarctation.