Community Academic Aging Research Network (CAARN)

The Community Academic Aging Research Network brings together academic researchers and community partners to conduct clinical and dissemination research related to healthy aging. CAARN’s aims include:

  • Create a sustainable infrastructure (CAARN) to bridge university and community entities to increase research in alignment with Wisconsin’s Aging Plan, Healthiest WI 2010 and 2020, and the mission of the NIH.
  • Provide training programs, venues for networking, resources, and internet structure to facilitate engagement in aging research.
  • Increase a) the number of partnerships engaging in aging research, b) the number of extramurally and intramurally funded proposals for community-based aging research, and c) the health of older adults in WI.

CAARN benefits for you

If you are an Academic Researcher:
CAARN provides facilitation in the development of research studies and collaboration with community agencies. New interventions and programs can be tested through connections to community agencies (Aging Network). The Aging Network has direct access to older adults, and can engage their participation in research projects through the current service structure the Network administers.

If you are a Community Aging Agency:
CAARN provides facilitation and connections to academic researchers. These partners provide expertise and specialize in conducting aging research that will develop future evidence-based healthy aging programs. If you have an aging need in your community or would like to work to improve the health of older adults in your community, CAARN facilitates the process of taking a healthy aging approach and turning it into an evidence-based program.

Contact Person/People

Will Palmer
(608) 263-1105

Maria Mora Pinzon
(608) 262-4571