Data Monitoring Committee (DMC)

The ICTR Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) meets the requirements for an independent Data and Safety Monitoring Committee or a Data and Safety Monitoring Board. The DMC is available for UW-Madison investigators when a funding agency, the PI, or IRB requires such a committee or board.

The committee is comprised of experienced clinical researchers representing a diversity of backgrounds, skills and knowledge. The DMC helps investigators ensure subject safety, research integrity, and compliance with federal regulations and local policies. The DMC also makes recommendations to the PI that could include actions of continuation, modification, suspension, or termination.

Investigators with the DMC as their committee/board of record are required to use the ICTR OnCore clinical research management software or the research electronic data capture application, REDCap for data management. OnCore or REDCap will provide the DMC and its biostatistician the ability to efficiently collect the needed data and provide safety oversight of the protocol. Study teams must enter accrual information, various outcome data, reportable events including Adverse Events (AEs) & Serious Adverse Events (SAEs), and patient demographics.

To use the DMC, there is a $1,500 per study fee, which covers all DMC-mandated electronic case report forms/instruments, committee review costs, and OnCore setup and training unique to the individual study. If an investigator prefers to collect electronic data in OnCore beyond that which is mandated by the DMC, s/he will be responsible for any additional expenses associated with form(s) development.  These fees allow ICTR to maintain the clinical research infrastructure created with the CTSA funding from NIH. Please remember to budget accordingly. DMC staff are available to assist an investigator to determine which electronic case report forms are required.  Note: Standard REDCap fees are still applicable and are not included in the DMC fee.

The DMC should be contacted before a protocol receives IRB approval and subject enrollment has begun. We recommend contacting the DMC prior to submitting your application to the IRB by completing the DMC consult request form.

Request a DMC Consultation

A link to a training video for current and prospective DMC members is on the Workshops and Non-Credit Courses page.


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