Dissemination & Implementation

It has been widely reported that new research discoveries take an average of 17 years to be incorporated into clinical and community practice. Even then, adoption and adherence are far from universal. The Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) program is a consultation service that provides resources to bridge the gap between research and practice.

The D&I team can help investigators by:

  • Providing guidance on implementation research proposal design;
  • Aiding researchers to find sources of funding;
  • Fostering connections with community stakeholders;
  • Helping researchers and community partners develop D&I plans;
  • Translating research findings into “plain language” with useable action steps;
  • Supporting the development of materials to help communities and organizations implement new discoveries;
  • Supporting multimedia distribution of research results;
  • Supporting implementation; and
  • Providing D&I education and training.

Request a D&I Consultation

Contact Person/People

Melody Bockenfeld
(608) 262-8173

Jane Mahoney
(608) 263-7324