Drug Development Support

Rob Hagan, PhD

For questions about project management services associated with the ICTR Office of Therapeutics Discovery & Development (OTDD), please contact our Drug Discovery & Development Project Manager.

This office works to enhance the availability of resources along the therapeutics discovery and development critical path, help investigators develop a network of internal and external innovation partners, and identify and support 3-5 projects per year with specialized assistance in project management.


Assistance with project management emphasizes:

  • Evaluating the feasibility and likelihood for success in early stages, i.e., fail early
  • Providing resources for projects that are too early for private investment or not fundable via traditional extramural sources, e.g., NIH, NSF, DOD
  • Increasing licensability by generating proof-of-concept data, i.e. moving projects along the development path to create a robust data portfolio



Contact Person/People

Hagan, Rob