University of Wisconsin–Madison

Greater Plains Collaborative (GPC)

The Greater Plains Collaborative (GPC) is a network of 12 leading medical centers in 8 states committed to a shared vision of improving healthcare delivery through ongoing learning, adoption of evidence – based practices, and active research dissemination.

Partners by state are:

  • Indiana, University of Indiana;
  • Iowa, University of Iowa Healthcare;
  • Kansas, University of Kansas Medical Center;
  • Minnesota, University of Minnesota Academic Health Center;
  • Missouri, University of Missouri and Children’s Mercy Hospital;
  • Nebraska, University of Nebraska Medical Center;
  • Texas, University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; and
  • Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Medical College of Wisconsin, and Marshfield Clinic.

The GPC builds on strong research programs at our sites, existing community engagement and informatics infrastructures and data warehouses developed through the NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) initiative at most of our sites, extensive expertise with commercial EHR systems and terminology standardization, and strong working relationships between investigators and healthcare system information technology departments. Our network brings together a diverse population of 6 million people across 1300 miles covering 8 states with a combined area of 679,159 square miles.

At UW ICTR, the GPC subcontract is led by:


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Esmond, Sarah

Mish, Tom