Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research Imaging Facility

The WIMR Imaging Services Center, housed within the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR) facility, constitutes the ICTR imaging services component. The ICTR imaging services component, through the UW Departments of Radiology and Medical Physics, provides access to multiple diagnostic imaging technologies and expertise in image acquisition and analysis.

The following equipment and services are available through the WIMR Imaging Services Center:

    • Clinical Modalities: CT, MRI, ultrasound, combined PET/CT, and combined PET/MR
    • Pre-Clinical Modalities: x-ray angiography, 64 channel SQUID for biomagnetism, microCT, combined microPET/microCT, and microMRI
    • Additional Resources: cyclotron, radiopharmaceutical production facility for production of radio-pharmaceuticals, He-3 polarizer, C-13 polarizer, Xe-129 polarizer, and a data processing and analysis laboratory

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