ICTR Announces Spring 2024 Manuscript Writing Series

Good writing requires continuous training for new and experienced researchers alike.

Are you:

  • New to writing scientific manuscripts?
  • Ready to publish research?
  • Brushing up writing and editing skills?

Join ICTR’s Protocol Development Program and Multisite Research Network alongside Marshfield Clinic Research Institute for “Draft, Submit, Revise: A Manuscript Writing Series.” The workshops are free and open to University of Wisconsin-Madison and MCRI faculty, clinicians, team members, administrators, staff, and students. This series is focused on clinical epidemiological and health behavior topics, but topics may be useful for other research focuses. Participants must register to attend.

Beginning in February, ICTR will host a monthly one-hour webinar (via Zoom) teaching skills and techniques to move researchers through the steps from the blank page to navigating reviewer critiques during the publication process. The series will also include an in-person workshop in May. While attending every session is not compulsory, each installment contributes toward a comprehensive grasp of essential techniques. Learn more about each workshop:

Tuesday, Feb. 6, Manuscript Planning: Gain an overview of writing genres guided on the best approaches for manuscript writing and planning for success. Learn fundamental techniques to improve science writing. (Watch a recording of this session on YouTube.)

Three headshots with captions. From left to right: Bernadette Gillick, PhD, ICTR Director of Research Design, Associate Professor of Pediatrics; David Puthoff, PhD, MCRI Science Writer; Jen Merems, PhD, ICTR Science Editor

Tuesday, March 5, Tech in Writing: Learn the pros and cons of using generative AI in writing and be guided through an overview of citation managers. (Watch a recording of this session on YouTube.)

Tuesday, April 9, Manuscript Manufacturing: Learn fair approaches to authorship, proper manuscript formatting, and storytelling techniques to smoothly craft a research journey from introduction to discussion.

Three headshots with captions. From left to right: Nasia Safdar, MD, PhD, ICTR Director of Investigator-Initiated and Multisite Research, SMPH Associate Dean for Clinical Trials; Whitney Sweeney, PhD, ICTR Team Science Scientist; Marie Fleisner, MCRI Editorial Specialist

Join us in person on Thursday, May 9, at UW-Madison or Wednesday, May 22, at MCRI for Edit Like a Reviewer to gain hands-on experience with editing techniques. Space is limited! Click here to see the agenda and maps.

Two headshots with captions. From left to right: David Puthoff, PhD, MCRI Science Writer; Jen Merems, PhD, ICTR Science Editor

Wednesday, June 5, Navigating Submissions: Panelists will discuss how to best respond to reviewer comments, decline advice, and handle feedback. Learn about SMPH resources to prepare for dissemination to public audiences.

Find more information and register on the Draft, Submit, Revise: A Manuscript Writing Series page.

The Writing Workshop Committee consists of Leigh Ann Mrotek and Jen Merems from the Protocol Development Program, Theresa Lins and Ali Moellner from the Multisite Research Network, and David Puthoff from MCRI. The series is supported by the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program, through the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), grant UL1TR002373.