ICTR Welcomes New Chief of Biomedical Informatics

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Jomol Mathew

Our ICTR community is delighted to welcome Jomol Mathew, PhD, as the inaugural Chief of Biomedical Informatics (CBMI), a newly created role in UW SMPH. She will lead the Clinical & Health Informatics Institute (CHI2), which is housed in ICTR and has collaborative connections institution-wide. Her priorities will include:

  • Fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and team science involving biomedical informatics throughout our healthcare and research enterprise
  • Supporting the informatics components of novel studies, transdisciplinary grants, new training programs, and improved patient care
  • Developing and strengthening relationships within our Academic Medical Center to advance clinical informatics as a foundational component of a Learning Health System

When Dr. Mathew visited UW during her recruitment, her expertise and vision inspired widespread admiration and excitement among our expanding clinical informatics community. She has experience in both the research and computational sides of informatics and will be able to hit the ground running to expand our existing initiatives in data science, predictive analytics, precision medicine, and translational biomedical research. This auspicious match will allow her to support informatics objectives outlined in our new ICTR strategic plan, as well as oversee the school-wide biomedical informatics enterprise.

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As a visionary informatics leader with deep knowledge of research and a proven record of team-based projects, we are very fortunate to have attracted Dr. Mathew. Please join me in welcoming her to UW ICTR where, together, we can use biomedical informatics to advance healthcare improvements and ultimately improve the health of all in Wisconsin!

~Beth B~

Elizabeth BurnsideElizabeth Burnside, is ICTR Deputy Executive Director and SMPH Associate Dean for Team Science and Interdisciplinary Research. Her degrees include an MD combined with a master’s in Public Health, as well as a master’s degree in Medical Informatics. Among other responsibilities, she oversees informatics services for ICTR, is a founding member of the SMPH Clinical and Health Informatics Institute (CHI2), and is one of the academic directors for the new master’s program in Clinical and Health Informatics.