Immigration Affairs of Dane County

Immigration Affairs of Dane County

CCHE would like to alert our affiliates who may not already be familiar to Immigration Affairs Services within the Dane County Department of Human Services. We believe it’s vital that our campus community is apprised of important community assets like this. Thank you to our All of Us-UW colleague Kattia Jimenez for alerting us to this resource!


This is a new office created as a resource to the Dane County community. During the last two years, Immigration Affairs of Dane County has provided outreach, advocacy, and case management services to immigrants and refugees in the community. This office acts as a key liaison on initiatives involving local government, elected officials, and law enforcement. Through community partners, they have established an Immigration Enforcement Response Team of Dane County, facilitated Know Your Rights trainings, partnered with the Dane County Immigration Assistance Collaborative, and created an overall support system among service providers.

Learn more at the office website and via their brochure in English and Spanish.

The point of contact for this office is Fabiola Hamdan, Immigration Affairs Specialist. Questions about the resource may be directed to her at