Incoming Clinical Investigation Students for Fall 2018

The Graduate Program in Clinical Investigation remains an integral part of UW ICTR support for workforce development. This fall saw two incoming PhD students in Clinical Investigation, three Masters students in Clinical investigation, and four incoming PhD students in Clinical & Translational Science (the former PhD minor program), for totals of 17, 13, and 15 students respectively.

Click here for a gallery of the incoming students.

An additional 14 students are newly enrolled in Certificate Programs either in the Fundamentals of Clinical Research or Community & Clinical Outcomes Research. Students can elect for Capstone, Graduate or Professional Certificates depending on their goals. Many students begin with enrollment in a certificate program and transition to either the PhD or the Masters programs as the core curriculum is shared.

Beth Meyerand, one of the Directors of the TL1 program, comments,

Our TL1 trainees are all expected to complete the core curriculum as PhD students in either Clinical Investigation or Clinical & Translational Science. By enrolling in these programs, they receive a strong foundation in the essential competencies of clinical and translational research. It is a testament to the strength of the program that so many students recognize the value of these degrees.

Application materials, deadlines and other program material are found on the web pages for the Graduate Program in Clinical Investigation and the Certificate Programs.