Introducing Roots4Change Cooperative (R4C)

CCHE would like to alert our affiliates who may not already be familiar to the Dane County-based Roots4Change Coop (R4C), or Cooperativa Raíces para El Cambio.

R4C officially came onto the scene in November 2018 as a unique entity focused on maternal and child health and social entrepreneurship as a model of liberation to the ethnically rich Latinx and Indigenous communities in Dane County. It developed out of ongoing work by the Centro Hispano Programa Bienestar (Wellness Program) promotores/doulas.

The promotoras created Roots4Change Marketing Cooperative (R4C Coop), in order to increase their financial sustainability and embark in a social entrepreneurship model. To this end, the R4C aims to provide community-based wellness services consistent with their mission of grassroots social justice, health equity, and community engagement work, with the goal of breaking down disparities by race/ethnicity, immigration or residency status, gender identity, class, and other categories. To see an example of the work of the promotoras, see this video on a post-partum program led by the promotoras in partnership with Centro and funded by the Wisconsin Partnership Program.

Much more information about R4C and its services is available below:

Many thanks to Mariela Quesada Centeno, MPH, and Centro Hispano for alerting us to this incredible local resource! Questions may be directed to