Just Research

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The Just Research project is interested in learning about what would help Black people feel more comfortable participating in research studies. The project is designed to learn from the community and help researchers build health studies that reflect community voices.


CALL or TEXT “just research” to 608-265-9429 or
EMAIL: justresearch@ictr.wisc.edu

More Info

Who is the research team looking for?

African American/Black adults age 40 and older.

What will they be asked to do?

• Review and judge possible health studies through a 10 minute web-based survey.
• Some will also be asked to do an interview while they go through the survey.


It’s the job of scientists to create research so that people feel welcome. This team wants to hear directly from African American/Black adults to help future researchers create studies that work for everyone.


Susan Passmore

Susan Racine Passmore, PhD, is the lead investigator on this project. Her scholarly work focuses upon the social construction of trust and the practical application of this knowledge to create innovative approaches for building researcher “trustworthiness.” Learn more.

Team from top left: Susan Passmore, Gina Green-Harris, Dorothy Farrar-Edwards, Tyson Jackson, Gail Morgan, Alex Wells, Laura Evans, and Doniqua Smith

Learn more about Dr. Passmore’s other work in Wisconsin, such as the Building Trust educational programs.