Learning Health System Demonstration Program Launched

Logo of two interlocking chain links. One is black and one is red, representing UW colors.Deadline to submit Letters of Intent: Dec. 8, 2023

ICTR has launched its new Learning Health System (LHS) Demonstration Program and invites clinical faculty to submit project proposals.

LHS is looking for project proposals that are a priority to UW Health and aimed at improving provider well-being, patient outcomes, or cost-effectiveness of programs or interventions underway at UW Health. The award provides $150,000 for a 12-month period and includes 20% buyout effort for a clinical champion to focus on a large-scale, pragmatic project in the acute care setting for healthcare delivery.

The clinical champion will serve as the Principal Investigator and receive the support of ICTR services across team science, implementation science, biostatistics, regulatory and protocol development, study design, and informatics.

The goal of the program is to demonstrate a data-driven, implementation-focused LHS that is sustainable at UW Health and contributes to the growth of the LHS. Letters of Intent are now being solicited for 2024 demonstration projects through December 8, 2023.

Get more information

Visit the LHS funding opportunity page for more information and the application process or visit the ICTR LHS Program webpage.

Contact lhs@ictr.wisc.edu with any questions about the program.