One-Time Mentoring Survey

Retrospective Pre/Post MCA

This one-time online survey is designed to be administered immediately after mentors have completed research mentor training, whether it be 4 2-hour sessions or a one-time workshop.

The survey includes five sections:

  1. professional background
  2. mentoring background and training
  3. mentoring skills
  4. training satisfaction
  5. demographics

Mentor survey: Mentors are asked to think back and retrospectively rate their skills before training compared to after training. They are also asked to note any impacts on their mentoring practice.

The survey takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Preview mentor survey

Mentee survey: We have also developed a parallel retrospective pre/post MCA survey that can be sent to one or more of the mentees of trained mentors to assess their perspective of the trainings’ impact. In other words, this survey helps gauge if mentees perceive changes in their mentors’ skill or behaviors following training. Like the mentor version, it does so by asking mentees to think back and retrospectively rate their mentors’ skills before training as compared to afterwards, and to note any changes in their mentoring practices.

The survey takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Preview mentee survey

Using Our Evaluation Tools:

  • Contact to work with our staff to create surveys suited to your training.
  • Once created, you send the survey links to your participants, and the UW Madison ICTR team can send the aggregated MCA data back to you.
  • The first page of each survey includes information regarding confidentiality, data analysis and use.