Pre and Post Mentoring Surveys

Mentor Surveys: The online pre and post MCA surveys measure mentors’ skills prior to the training (at baseline) and six months after training has been completed. This model resembles the evaluation plan used in a national mentor training randomized controlled trial. There is also an additional survey that is administered immediately after training that assesses satisfaction with the training sessions themselves, the facilitators, and provides a first glimpse at potential impact.

Mentee Surveys: We have developed parallel pre and post surveys that can be sent to one or more of the mentees of trained mentors to assess their perspective of the trainings’ impact. In other words, this survey helps gauge if mentees perceive changes in their mentors’ skill or behaviors following training. Mentees are asked to rate their mentors’ skills on the same scale used in the mentor version, and to comment on any changes they have noted in his/her mentoring practice. There is not however, a mentee survey immediately following training.
*If your institution would like to survey mentees, it is important to remember that when mentors are recruited for the training, they should be notified that their mentees are going to be surveyed.

Using Our Evaluation Tools:

  • Contact to work with our staff to create surveys suited to your training.
  • Once created, you send the survey links to your participants, and the UW Madison ICTR team can send the aggregated MCA data back to you.
  • The first page of each survey includes information regarding confidentiality, data analysis and use.

The Pre-Training MCA

The Pre MCA is designed to assess mentors’ skills before attending training. It includes questions about professional background, mentoring experience and training, mentoring skills and demographics.

It takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

End of Training Survey

The end of training survey is designed to capture mentors’ immediate reactions to the training and facilitators. It also asks mentors to report if they have made, or plan to make changes to their mentoring practice due to the training. Preview survey

Six-Month Post MCA

The 6-month post MCA asks mentors and mentees to think back and retrospectively rate the mentors’ skills (before and after training) in order to capture any reassessment of baseline skills once training is complete. It also asks them to note any changes to their mentoring practices they due to the training. It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Survey instrument When is it administered? To whom may it be administered?
Pre MCA Before first training session Mentors and their mentees or to mentors only
End of Training Survey Immediately following last training session Mentors only
6-month Post MCA 6 months after training has been completed Mentors and their mentees or to mentors only
Facilitator Survey Immediately following last training session Training facilitators