New Community Option for Human Research Protection Training

In collaboration with the UW Office of Research Compliance, we are proud to share that an additional option for human research protection training for community partners has been endorsed at UW-Madison!

CIRTification Online is a free, web-based human research protections training program tailored for use by research partners external to UW and in settings without an Institutional Review Board (IRB). It also serves to facilitate the capacity of UW researchers and research team members who are trying to establish community-engaged research programs. It’s interactive and focuses on skills-building with content that considers community partners’ varied experience with traditional research approaches, addresses research ethics and responsible conduct of research issues in accessible/plain language, and relies on real-world examples to illustrate these concepts.

Importantly, CIRTification is informed by individuals who have served as community research partners, human research protections professionals, experts in research ethics education, and faculty members who serve as PIs on community-engaged research projects.

To learn more, please visit the Research Compliance webpage for how to utilize the CIRTification training at UW. Directions are included in the second red box drop-down menu on the page.

Thank you to colleagues at both the University of Illinois Chicago Center for Clinical and Translational Science for hosting this human research protections training and at UW Research Compliance for making it easier to access and use this training here at UW-Madison!