New RFA for Collaborative Health Equity Research

UW ICTR is releasing a Request for Applications (RFA) for new community-engaged health disparities research projects, the Collaborative Health Equity Research (CHER) Pilot Award. This novel award reflects ICTR’s commitment to mentoring the next generation of health equity researchers by supporting promising new research, training in best practices for engaging communities and patients, and facilitating the formation of interdisciplinary teams. Each award includes $50,000 maximum in direct costs for no longer than 12 months.

This pilot award is for early stage investigators focused on health disparities and health equity, and requires a senior mentor. The program is designed to provide researchers with experience in clinical and translational research necessary for their future career development, and to provide preliminary data for subsequent funding applications.

Chris Sorkness, Senior Associate Executive Director, explains,

Through this RFA we hope to “stack the deck” in support of early stage investigators seeking to conduct high quality research to address health disparities and health inequities in the state of Wisconsin. In addition to the many ICTR resources available to support community-engaged health equity research, this RFA recognizes that junior-senior collaborations can make all the difference in accelerating advancements in health. We strongly encourage interdisciplinary applications from broad campus investigators, since social determinants of health and health disparities/inequities often go hand-in-hand.

Proposed research for this RFA must address health disparities or health inequities and must be translational in nature. Applications must cite published evidence that the health disparity/inequity is recognized by state/federal agencies as significant and warranting intervention. Awards will prioritize support of assistant professors taking a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to research, including those who genuinely engage community partners & stakeholders.

The new RFA, application forms & instructions are available online. A mandatory letter of intent is due October 2, 2017 and complete applications are due Nov 1, 2017. Applicants are encouraged to contact Caitlin Scott, Health Equity Outreach Specialist, with any questions about preparing an application.