PLOS ONE Call for Papers on Health Inequities & Disparities Research


PLOS ONE has a call for papers on Health Inequities & Disparities Research ~

This PLOS Collection will aim to inform local, national and international initiatives to reduce and eliminate health disparities. An interdisciplinary approach combining all relevant disciplines in the field of public health will be used to:

  1. Examine the relative health experiences and outcomes for populations subject to health or healthcare disparities, and the socioeconomic patterning of health worldwide
  2. Evaluate risk factors and etiologies related to observed health inequalities/disparities, especially in regard to noncommunicable diseases
  3. Study new or existing interventions, particularly for non-infectious diseases, to improve health equity

The deadline for this topical collection is January 21, 2020 for publication in Spring 2020. 

Using PLOS ONE’s interdisciplinary focus, we will look at how different disciplines and approaches can contribute to our understanding of health inequity and disparities. With this Call for Papers, we will showcase a collection of works highlighting the challenges, ideas and interventions in the long road to achieve health equity for all.”– Collection Guest Editors

Learn about the guest editors & find journal details here.

To submit, mention the Health Inequities & Disparities Call for Papers in your cover letter.