Basics of Conducting Clinical Research at UW-Madison – Online Training

This online training course is available through Learn@UW and offers information, to both new and experienced research staff, that can be applied during their daily activities while conducting clinical research within the UW Health environment.

The Basics of Conducting Clinical Research at UW-Madison online course is available through the Learn@UW program and is restricted to those with a UW NetID. Download the accompanying guide, ICTR Clinical Research Manual: A Guide to Conducting Clinical Research within UW-Madison (PDF), which is also available in the Learn@UW course.

This course builds the Human Subjects Protection and Good Clinical Practice training available through CITI. Click here for instructions on how to access the pre-requisite training.

The content of this course is geared toward both new and experienced clinical research staff within the UW Health environment. Though this training has been developed specifically to address clinical research conducted within the UW Health environment, most of the content is applicable to all UW clinical research settings.

The training is available online to allow research staff the flexibility to complete the course at times that are most convenient to them. It takes approximately 4 hours to view all 10 lessons and complete their corresponding quizzes.

Below is a list of each of the lessons included in the course.

  • Introduction – (6 minutes)
  • Lesson 1 – Basic Concepts in Clinical Research (34 minutes)
  • Lesson 2 – UW-Madison and UW Health Clinical Research Policies (18 minutes)
  • Lesson 3 – Roles and Responsibilities of the Members of the Research Team (29 minutes)
  • Lesson 4 – Protocol Content Essentials (16 minutes)
  • Lesson 5 – Study Record Management and Retention (18 minutes)
  • Lesson 6 – Study Initiation Process within UW Health (13 minutes)
  • Lesson 7 – Informed Consent Process (37 minutes)
  • Lesson 8 – Determining Subject Eligibility (7 minutes)
  • Lesson 9 – Subject Safety and Reportable Events (21 minutes)
  • Lesson 10 – Subject Data Collection and Management (23 minutes)

Learners who complete the training will receive a Certificate of Completion, acknowledging the 4.0 hours of continuing education and professional development required to complete this course.

Instructions to enroll in the course:

  1. To enroll in the online training course, go to: and click on the “Enroll in Course” button.
    Basics enroll screenshot 1
  2. Click the “Go to your Dashboard” button.
    Basics enroll screenshot 2
  3. Select the “Basics of Conducting Clinical Research at UW-Madison” course available on the bottom of the screen to get started.