Laboratories & Centers

ICTR offers investigators a wide range of research resources via a collaborative arrangement with many current UW and Marshfield Clinic affiliated laboratories. Resource areas are 1) analysis of gene/protein function; 2) assay services; 3) animal models; 4) gene expression profiling, genotyping, and genomic analysis; 5) imaging; and 6) therapeutic discovery and development.  These Affiliated Laboratories strive to offer investigators services “at cost,” or with discounted rates.

ICTR also periodically offers voucher awards through our Affiliated Laboratory Voucher funding RFA.  Other funding opportunities to advance therapeutic discovery and development are also available – see our Funding Opportunities.

Marshfield Personalized Medicine

Laboratory staff maintain proficiencies in microbiology, virology, cell culture, molecular biology, DNA sequencing, genotyping, and can assist with new assay development. The MCRI laboratory also provides biological specimen banking services for the 20,000 individual Personalized Medicine Research Project cohort. For additional information on PMRP, including participant demographics and how to access PMRP data, please visit MCRI website.

For more information, contact Tonia Carter, PhD.