TL1 Post-Doctoral Training Program

This NIH-funded TL1 Post-Doctoral Trainee Program will provide a firm foundational pathway to bridge between previous doctoral training (MD, PharmD, DVM, PhD, etc.) and future independent and sustained careers in translational and clinical sciences. The program supports Trainees conducting research along the entire translational research spectrum. Upon completion of the TL1 Postdoctoral appointment, we expect Trainees will be poised to successfully compete for institutional KL2/K12/other career development and/or extramural funding.

Eligibility is limited to applicants who are, or will be, in a non-tenure track faculty title series or academic staff with a UW faculty mentor.  We select trainees who, upon successful completion of the TL1 Postdoctoral award, are highly competitive for faculty appointments at UW Madison, or other major translational research institutions (tenure track or non-tenure track title series).

The program has a bi-annual admission policy. As such, applications are accepted quarterly during the calendar year.  Ordinary application deadlines are April 1 and October 1.  Special applications dates are available on Jan 1 and July 1 for individuals not currently at UW, who are considering UW trainee appointments, if awarded. All applicants must indicate their intent to apply at least 1 week prior to deadlines.  Regardless of application time, start dates are January 1 and July 1 of each calendar year.

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