Recruitment Resource Library

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Integrate Special Populations

Consider how to make research findings more applicable to all.

Develop a Recruitment Plan

Successful recruitment begins with a thorough recruitment plan. 

Assess Feasibility with Informatics Tools

Assessing feasibility during the study design phase is critical.  Cohort identification tools assist researchers in determining the number of patients matching key study criteria.

  • i2b2 Cohort Discovery Tool.  This self-service tool allows researchers to determine the approximate number of patients within the UW Health enterprise data warehouse who meet eligibility criteria.  i2b2 does not provide any patient identifiers or additional clinical data.
  • Clinical Research Data Services (CRDS).  The CRDS team assists investigators with developing queries and securely delivering both de-identified data and patient-specific data from the UW Health Enterprise Data Warehouse.  CRDS can be used to assess feasibility when cohort criteria are too complex for i2b2 or identify potential participants when a study is open to accrual.

Compensate Participants

Appropriate compensation is a major component of successful recruitment.

Create Effective Recruitment Materials

Guidelines and best practices for effective recruitment before submitting your materials for IRB review.

Use Social Media

Understand guidelines and methods for recruiting using Facebook and other social platforms.