Reproductive Equity Cluster Hires at UW

CCHE would like to alert you to THREE tenure track positions available via a cluster hire at UW-Madison.

UW-Madison is recruiting a cluster of three tenure track/tenured faculty across campus in order to build cross-disciplinary research expertise focused on reproductive equity. This Reproductive Equity Cluster was developed to build cross-disciplinary research expertise necessary to examine the drivers and consequences of inequities in reproductive health and to identify potential solutions.

Candidates will be recruited in three areas: 1) Professor, Health Services Research and Reproductive Health-Cluster Hire [PVL #94599], 2) Professor, Public Policy and Reproductive Health-Cluster Hire [PVL #94865], and 3) Professor, Social Causes and Consequences and Reproductive Health-Cluster Hire [PVL #94972].

Areas of research could include health care, policy, structural, and individual factors related to family planning, fertility/infertility, maternal and infant mortality, and other aspects of maternal and child health. It is expected that the successful candidate will focus on health disparities and health equity.

A major purpose of the cluster is to build on existing strengths on campus. Ultimately, it is a goal that an expansion of this work at UW-Madison will translate into greater health equity and improved health and well-being of residents of Wisconsin and beyond. Please see each individual position posting regarding specific duties for each respective position.  A PhD or other terminal degree is required (degrees acquired outside of the US are included/applicable); please see each individual position posting for specific degree requirement.

Applications are due by October 1, 2018 and will be considered until the position is filled.

Questions may be directed to cluster search committee chair, Deborah Ehrenthal ( Contacts for each individual posting are also included within the separate position descriptions.

Please disseminate widely across your networks and encourage excellent candidates to apply!

UW Cluster Hire Positions Reproductive Equity (PDF)